Thongsuk 13 (Thai Movie with English Subtitles)

Thongsuk 13 (Thai Movie with English Subtitles)

Title: Thong Suk 13 ทองสุก 13
Language: Thai
Release Date: 31 January 2013
Genre: Horror

A group of teenagers goes on trip to an isolated island, where there was an old ceremony on Friday the 13th called “The Night of Devouring Ghosts”, which is when all the ghosts will come out for offerings. They use this chance to play a prank on Thongsook, a nerdy strange guy who they want to get rid of. They lock him up inside a cabinet in the old shrine on the island. But the joke isn’t funny anymore when they come back to find Thongsook has disappeared from the locked cabinet and all hell starts to break loose.

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  • As if Malaysian movies can do better. ᴵᵗ’ˢ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ʷᵒʳˢᵗ.

  • youtube(dot)com/watch?v=wY8foYhdk5U

  • i tried to watch that one but for some reason i got annoyed of the voice dub…so did not watch it…thanks anyways

  • Here’s the link to English subs:


  • geeeesh, don’t think I can watch this alone

  • i feel very sad for thongsook …….

  • link with eng sub got one?

  • Where did you watch it? us there any way I can watch it online with eng subs?

  • x payah nak komen sgt….citer antu kiter lg terok kot

  • Very great

  • Click here:….onlyonlinemovies…

  • x seram mane movie skrng ni…

  • thongsuck.

  • laa..cerita zombie ke? tengok trailer mcm best, mcm gempak gila je. thanks for the comment, kalau tak msti dah tengok dah. hee. ada any other suggestions tak cerita horror thailand apa yg best?

  • it was awesome .. wanna watch it again ..

  • dude .. it was awesome !! love it

  • i cant seee it in thailand as living in england, where can i see this film as the trailer looks very good

  • this movie i watch wif my fren juz laugh in ciname .. so many part are so funny XD

  • I think it’s not scary at all..

  • Totally recommend for this movie……great horror movie….

  • Same ol same ol..i rather watch rahtree 1 over again…tbh most thai/ korean horror movies all were recycle of same stories,’s already boring with the horror genre

  • Better than evil dead

  • you’re just somebody that I used to know..

  • This is one best ghost thailand movie. Wanna see it again

  • where did u watched it? link pls

  • Jack: Im dead again!
    Hahaha lol. Jack is damn cute

  • หนังห่วยมาก

  • the ending is like HARRY POTTER -_-

  • พอได้แล้วไอ้เหี้ย แค่นี้กูก็ตายแล้ว….

  • ahaha i love the twist of this movie! thumbs up to all cast they did a great horror movie!

  • write ss before ‘y’ of youtube and press enter,like .ssyoutube  and you will be proceeded to the downloading website its the best way to download from youtube, but i dont think that subtitle will be on downloaded video. :)

  • I still look forward to better THAI HORROR MOVIES. They’re simply the best. Comment some rare yet shocking ones.

  • This was such a good horror flick

  • Where can I download this movie?

  • Wow..nice movie..with de subtitle i can understand..just click the CC button n select the english..

  • I feel so bad for Thongsook…they r so mean!

  • Thongsook is a good looking guy..

  • merun subtitle click mu ung caption mkikita mu dun kuya ^^

  • Why the ending like this??????

  • which 1 cc button?


  • Is a bit scary tbh! I nearly shit my self ! But I love this movie XXX thanks

  • ชอบมากเลยคุะ


  • yes

  • Is the priest guy Por Thrisadee?

  • Reminded me of harry potter the hollows and lord voldomort .. lol that epic light reminds me of Harry potter spell lol. Hahahahhaha . Epic ending x)

  • The last scene….Ending? Is not needed =.=’

  • Thanks alot for sharing.:)

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