100 Beautiful Scans of Thai Actress Ann Thongprasom

100 Beautiful Scans of Thai Actress Ann Thongprasom

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Ann Thongprasom (แอน ทองประสม) is an established Thai actress. She was born in 1 November 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand. Ann is an actress, hostess and a producer in thailand. She has starred in numerous lead actress roles since the year 2000.

Ann Thongprasom is the daughter of a Thai mother and a Swedish father. She started her career when she was 13 years old, starring in a music video. She went on to star in many more films and television series. Her biggest role was in The Letter: Jod Mai Rak, which earned more than 50 million baht and had won many awards, including best actress at the Thailand National Film Association Awards.

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  • love Ann&Ken they’re like the cutest thing EVER!

  • I think their cute together!!!

  • Their so cute together…They should get married..!

  • Ann and Ken are very cute couple. But to bad it not real………

  • Ahh I am super happy *finger cross* hopefully it’s going to be confirm I miss them sooo much!!!! How can people get tired of thesee two. They’re soo good at acting I swear when I finished sawan biang then watched sood sanae ha I was like “I’m not sure these are the same people” I love them!!!!!!! They make it seems so real ughh!! Come back Ann and Ken! Yep anony told me to go see the forum already and I’m sooo excited !!!!

  • Matjuraat See Nampueng….its slap/kiss..i guess we get to see another Kawee & Narin…no confirmation from KA,but the producer admit that this lakorn for KA…i suggest you to come to KA forum to get more update..Fans heard they will held the opening for MSN this June after Ken comeback from abroad..

  • Whats the msn theyre starring ah!!!!!~!

  • can’t wait for MSN to be confirm…miss Kawee & Narin…….hope Ken&Anne accept this lakorn!! Please God!!

  • :) 

  • Ahha .

  • hi ann, i love u i’m your fanclub!:)

  • i love this couple but to bad it not real.

  • Ken and Ann are amazing actors! I do like Ken in slap/kiss lakorn but I do want to see him in another roles, since he is such a great actor. Thanks for making this MV =)

  • Ken and Ann is super star

  • Please have ken and ann together with new movie, i can’t wait to see them together agains! when will coming?

  • Me too, i can’t wait for their next slap and kiss lakorn.
    i’ve actually heard that ken’s been offered a few slap/kiss but he
    denied them becuse he wants new and different charaters
    that he’s never played.

  • its just movies. They’re just friends. Ken is married to Noi.

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