100 Beautiful Scans of Taiwanese Actress Wu Ying Jie

100 Beautiful Scans of Taiwanese Actress Wu Ying Jie

Wu Ying Jie (吴映洁) is a taiwanese actress and singer. She is also known as Gui Gui (鬼鬼) in Taiwan. She was born on 11 August 1989 in Kee Lung (Taiwan).

Wu Ying Jie debut as part of pop girl group “Hei Se Hui Mei Mei”. The group was rater renamed to “Hey Girl”. The group consist of 7 other female members. Hey Girl often collaborated with a boyband called “Lollipop F” in Taiwan. Wu Ying Jie and her bandmates were split into two groups (Pink and Cutie) for their third EP release with each groups having to attain a goal, as well as battling for highest records sales.

Wu Ying Jie also starred in a drama “Mysterious Incredible Terminator (Pi Li MIT) with Aaron Yan of Fahrenheit and Alien Huang in 2008. Subsequently, she was suppose to acted again with Aaron Yan in a Taiwanese drama “Momo Love”. However, she was later replaced by Cyndi Wang due to time commitment reasons. Aaron too, was replace by Jiro Wang in the movie ultimately.

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  • guigui so cute

  • Painted Skin is also a drama series, not movie :)

  • Woah! Gui Gui is really Pretty..! :) i Like her so much for Ya Lun.. xD

  • u still have all the picture??

  • Oh.. It’s for a variety show she joined called Golden Taxi.

  • No it’s just that their like filming a movie special or something

  • Err.. Is there a problem with the picture?

  • what is 2:05 ????????????

  • If I’m not mistaken she’s filming 1 drama and a movie..
    The drama is called Me and my brother and the movie is Painted Skin.. =)

  • What’s her new drama? :D i miss guigui haha! :D

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