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Joe Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩) is a Taiwanese actress, singer and model. She was born on 4 April 1979. She is the co-leader of Taiwanese group 7 Flowers and is also the first female member of the talent agency Jungiery.

Joe Chen interest lies mainly in acting and writing and she does well in both fields. She was the female lead in the 2nd highest-rated Taiwanese drama “The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog” 《王子變青蛙》, and was a hostess in two TV shows – “Treasure Hunter” 《冒險奇兵》and《型男大主厨》. In 2008 she once again rose to stardom in a new drama “Fated To Love You” 《命中注定我愛你》, which broke the ratings record of “The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog”.

In 2008, Chen was nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Television Series for her role in Fated to Love You at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards.

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  • ethan looks a little like jay chou

  • she’s the lead role on FATED TO LOVE YOU she’s one of my favorite Chinese actress as well as reinie yang, she also acted on many dramas<3.<3

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  • hopefully they’ll make another drama series…. ethan and joe chen

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  • best drama

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  • Her last name is Chen

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