100 Sexy Scans of Korean Actress Kim Sun Ah

100 Sexy Scans of Korean Actress Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah is an established South Korean actress. She was born in 1 October 1975 and well know for her role as Kim Sam-soon in My Lovely Sam Soon.

Kim Sun Ah was born in Daegu, Korea and studied in Chōfu, Tokyo. Kim is a fluent speaker of Japanese. After first appearing in a music video by Kim Hyun-cheol, she started appearing often on TV but did not emerge as a star. She would first become well known as a film actress, debuting in the big-budget box office failure Yesterday but going on to play a lead role as a student teacher in the unexpected hit Wet Dreams.

Kim Sun Ah began to establish a niche for herself in comedies, often appearing as a straight-talking and not particularly demure comic heroine. She appeared in three films in 2003: a memorable cameo appearance in the period comedy Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield, opposite Im Chang-jung in the commercially successful The Greatest Expectation, and together with Cha Tae-hyun in the little-watched Happy Ero Christmas. In 2004 she took the lead role in S Diary as a jilted woman who decides to get revenge on her ex-boyfriends.

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  • @sandraiskool may i know the artist, it’s a good song. thanks for the post and i’m still hoping for sunbin to get back together either in real life or paired again in another drama.

  • Gracias por ver mi video!
    Me encanta el drama también!

  • la mejor paraja de los doramasssss!!!!!
    me encantan

  • I love sun ah and hyun bin.I hope they are couple in real life. but unfortunately over the age of the sun ah hyun bin. I do not like Song hye kyo.I don’t know they broke up it was notsaid goodbye. hi expectations are correct.

  • Hi sandraiskool. Are U VietNammes? I live in Hai Phong. Where are U? I’m glad to talk with U.

  • Not known how long he Hyun Bin to film a new demobilization. Expect too. I just love watching his movies only. VietNammes love Hyun Bin

  • Hi sandraiskool. Are U Vietnammese? I live in Hai Phong. Where are U? I’m glad to talk with U.sandraiskool

  • Hi! I’m Vietnamese too! Yes, they are very good at acting. ^_^

  • Hello. I’m from Viet Nam. I love Hyun Bin & Kim Sun Ah.

  • Yes! You’re right, his English is great! I have seen many videos of him speaking English. I am also upset that he went into the military, but he will be back soon, and then he will star in dramas for us to enjoy! ^_^

  • ths is the first show id watched that starred hyun bin and im really hooked into him. hope to watch all his movies and dramas. he’s not just good in acting , he cud sing, he cud play the piano too. and if u watch a video where he tried to give a message in english, surprisingly he seems to be a good english speaker.. keep it up well rounded man! god bless u in ur military training! luv u hyun bin oppa!!!

  • yup.i’ve already watched it too,the cast and the ost…

  • Haha that’s great! Have you seen his new movie from last year, it’s called “Secret Garden”? I love that movie sooooo much! XD

  • this was the first hyun bin’s drama i it…he’s samsoon am watching all his movies/dramas

  • I didnt say that u said they broke up, i was answering your question. look at your comment then read my answer sweetie

  • hyun bin is really going out with Song hye kyo.. they are real life couples

  • I wish they were too! Thanx for commentin on my video, have a nice day! ^_^

  • they are not real couple…!! i wish they were…!!
    hehehe~ :D

  • eres un hijo de puta con esa mierda

  • esta cancion es muy hermosa la canta sun ah … en s-diary

  • ponganle subtitulos

  • Kim Sun Ah and Jerry Yan look so cute together.^^

  • no entendi un karajo pero es hermosisima!!

  • i agree that there is nothing wrong with showing a bit…but i think that if she didn’t put her hand in front of her chest…it might show too much…especially since she leaned forward like that..lolz.

  • It’s funny how she hides her decoltage with her hand or her award. Why wear a dress like that if you gonna be embarrassed, girl? You’ve got it – nothing wrong with showing a bit of it.

  • Thanks for the wonderful MV! :D Suna really looks so pretty that night! Waaa XP
    The song is “Sarang ha go it suh yo” by Suna herself ^^


  • What is the title of the background music? Good choice!

  • She’s gorgeous.

  • she looks so elegant :)

  • ah i saw the guy they shoot just now! the one who act in wonderful life de! wah shuai dai le!

  • They were presenting the Best Actor award. Sorry, I don’t have the one with the sub, but you can find the clip from My Videos.

  • YAY YAY YAY!!! congrats Kim Sun Ah!!! u deserved that award!!! Sun Ah looked absolutely gorgeous and dropdead sexy!!! WOW!!!

    thanx a lot for the upload creamwafers!!! u r awesome 4 doing this!!!

    P.S. What was she n jerry presenting? would u plz upload that clip with eng subs? thanx a lot!!!

  • nicely put MV! she’s so pretty!

  • she was kinda fat at the “kimsamsoon” drama. Now she slims alot. ^_^

  • wow… suna is so sexy! i was so scare that her boobs may fall out when she bend over to bow! LOL… all thanks to the wonderful double-sided tapes?! LOL anyway… thanks for uploading and composing this video!

  • She’s so beautiful & sexy. Hyun Bin wasn’t at this award. What a waste!  Thanks for da upload

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