286 Sexy Scans of Actress Leni Lan Yan

286 Sexy Scans of Actress Leni Lan Yan

Leni Lan Yan 蓝燕 is a hot mainland actress who rose to fame for her role in Sex & Zen 3D. She is born on March 9, 1986 in Shanghai China. Check out 286 of her sexy scans here.

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  • nice busty po*n star.

  • the HK adult industry needs more pple like her.

  • nice snowy legs she has.

  • 我想和你做愛

  • excellent, thanks for the great scans!!

  • 她從少女到現在快邁向女人了。 歲月不饒人。
    還是漂亮~ 而且更有氣質了。 那種一姐的氣質。

  • 很可惜 如果晚5年再出 可能聲音會更棒
    歌很棒 但是現在聲音還太清澀
    在這競爭的市場 但也是致命傷

  • 她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~­她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~­她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~­她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~­她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~她不當AV太可惜了~­她不當AV太可惜了~

  • excellent!!!!!

  • questa è di gran lunga la peggiore recensione che io abbia mai visto…
    a cominciare dall’infantile confusione tra i generi porno ed erotico…

  • she’s beautiful.

  • i love her. she’s realli cute!!!

  • lan yen is my goddess.

  • Nice legs she has. Envy.

  • flawless legs

  • Beautiful

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