Girl who predicted her death on Facebook dies of wounds

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On Monday, young Ramie Grimmer posted a message on her facebook wall stating “may die 2today” after her mother, Rachelle Grimmer, 38, held a supervisor hostage in the Texas Department of Human Services office in the Rio Grande city of Laredo. This dispute arise over some food stamp benefits.

Eventually Rachelle released the supervisor but shot young Ramie and her 10 year old son Timothy after a seven hour stand-off. Subsequently, Rachelle shot herself as well to sum up this tragedy. Timothy is currently nursed at San Antonio Hospital and is in a very critical state. He is under the protection of the Child Protective Services. State and local officials said Rachelle Grimmer was a troubled woman wandering with her children from residence to residence after moving to Texas from Zanesville Ohio in March.

At one point, the three lived in a tent on the beach near Corpus Christi. Neighbors in Laredo said the children were often seen begging for food while living in a crumbling recreational vehicle which didn’t have a place to cook food. Officials are trying to determine how a family with such obvious need was able to fall through the cracks of society’s safety net, said Stephanie Goodman, spokeswoman for the Department of Human Services.

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  • its sad that a young child needs to come to such a sorry end. the authorities should do more to prevent such tragedies from happening.

  • its appaling to hear such tragic news. sad that things have to come to this.

  • poor girl. rest in peace.

  • RIP

  • this is a wake up call to all. while those who can afford are making merry, there are people in this world who cant even afford a decent meal. it’s sad , always to hear that there are families falling thru the crack in spite of having handouts and various aid schemes in place.

  • poor thing.

  • poor girl. rest in peace.

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